Class template mutex_properties

poet::mutex_properties — A class for discovering the properties of a type which models one of the mutex concepts defined by the Boost Thread library.


template<typename Mutex> 
class mutex_properties {
  // static constants
  static const bool recursive = varies;  // true if the Mutex template type parameter is a recursive mutex.
  static const enum mutex_model model = varies;  // Specifies the one of the mutex concepts from Boost.Thread (version 1.35.0 or later).


The mutex_properties class is used by libpoet to discover the properties of mutex types passed as template type parameters to acyclic_mutex. These properties are used internally to perform partial template specializations according to the properties of the mutex being used.

Specializations of mutex_properties are provided by libpoet for all the mutex types defined by the Boost Thread library, as well as all mutex types defined by libpoet itself. If you wish to use some other custom class with acyclic_mutex as the Mutex template type parameter, you will need to also define a specialization of poet::mutex_properties for your custom mutex class.