comedi_get_routes — obtain list of all possible device-globally named routes


#include <comedilib.h>
int comedi_get_routes(comedi_t * device,
 comedi_route_pair * routelist,
 size_t n);




This function obtains a list of all possible globally-named routes for the particular device.

A globally-named route is a route where the source and destination values are globally recognized, regardless of the subdevice. This function returns all possible signal routes that are either connectible via comedi_cmd->start_arg aruments or via the device-global configuration interface of comedi_connect_route and comedi_disconnect_route.

The routelist parameter provides memory into which the results may be copied. The comedi_route_pair is (as specified in comedi.h):

   typedef struct {
     unsigned int source;
     unsigned int destination;
   } comedi_route_pair;

routelist may be specified as NULL, in which case only the number of routes will be returned.

The n parameter provides specifies the number of slots available in the routelist array.

Return value

The number of routes available if routelist is NULL, the number of routes copied if routelist is not NULL, or -1 on error.