comedi_set_other_source — select source signal for something other than a gate or clock


#include <comedilib.h>
int comedi_set_other_source(comedi_t * device,
 unsigned int subdevice,
 unsigned int channel,
 unsigned int other,
 unsigned int source);




This function allows selection of a source signal for something on a subdevice other than a gate (which uses comedi_set_gate_source) or a clock (which uses comedi_set_clock_source). The other parameter selects which other we are configuring, and is driver-dependent. The source parameter selects the source we which to use for the other. If the subdevice does not support configuring its other sources on a per-channel basis, then the channel parameter will be ignored.

As an example, this function is used to select which PFI digital input channels should be used as the A/B/Z signals when running a counter on an NI M-Series board as a quadrature encoder. The other parameter selects either the A, B, or Z signal, and the source parameter is used to specify which PFI digital input channel the external A, B, or Z signal is physically connected to.

This function is only useable on subdevices that provide support for the INSN_CONFIG_SET_OTHER_SRC configuration instruction.

Return value

0 on success, -1 on error.