Comedi - The Linux Control and Measurement Interface

Supported Hardware

Current as of comedi git 2017-05-06.

Make Model Driver comedi_config Name
ADLINK ACL-6126 pcl726 acl6126
ADLINK ACL-6128 pcl726 acl6128
ADLINK ACL-7122 pcl724 acl7122
ADLINK ACL-7124 pcl724 acl7124
ADLINK ACL-7225b acl7225b acl7225b
ADLINK ACL-8112DG pcl711 acl8112dg
ADLINK ACL-8112DG pcl812 acl8112dg
ADLINK ACL-8112HG pcl711 acl8112hg
ADLINK ACL-8112HG pcl812 acl8112hg
ADLINK ACL-8113 pcl812 acl-8113
ADLINK ACL-8216 pcl812 acl8216
ADLINK LPCI-7250 LPCIe-7250 adl_pci7250 adl_pci7250
ADLINK PCI-6216V adl_pci6208 adl_pci6208
ADLINK PCI-7230 adl_pci7230 adl_pci7230
ADLINK PCI-7296 adl_pci7296 adl_pci7296
ADLINK PCI-7432 adl_pci7432 adl_pci7432
ADLINK PCI-8164 adl_pci8164 adl_pci8164
ADLINK PCI-9111HR adl_pci9111 adl_pci9111
ADLINK PCI-9112 adl_pci9112 adl_pci9112
ADLINK PCI-9118DG adl_pci9118 pci9118dg
ADLINK PCI-9118HG adl_pci9118 pci9118hg
ADLINK PCI-9118HR adl_pci9118 pci9118hr
ADLINK PET-48DIO pcl724 pet48dio
Advantech PCI-1710 adv_pci1710 pci1710 or adv_pci1710
Advantech PCI-1710HG adv_pci1710 pci1710hg
Advantech PCI-1711 adv_pci1710 pci1711 or adv_pci1710
Advantech PCI-1713 adv_pci1710 pci1713 or adv_pci1710
Advantech PCI-1716 adv_pci1710 pci1716 or adv_pci1710
Advantech PCI-1720 adv_pci1710 pci1720 or adv_pci1710
Advantech PCI-1723 adv_pci1723 adv_pci1723
Advantech PCI-1730 adv_pci_dio adv_pci_dio
Advantech PCI-1731 adv_pci1710 pci1731 or adv_pci1710
Advantech PCI-1733 adv_pci_dio adv_pci_dio
Advantech PCI-1734 adv_pci_dio adv_pci_dio
Advantech PCI-1735U adv_pci_dio adv_pci_dio
Advantech PCI-1736UP adv_pci_dio adv_pci_dio
Advantech PCI-1739U adv_pci_dio adv_pci_dio
Advantech PCI-1750 adv_pci_dio adv_pci_dio
Advantech PCI-1751 adv_pci_dio adv_pci_dio
Advantech PCI-1752 adv_pci_dio adv_pci_dio
Advantech PCI-1753 adv_pci_dio adv_pci_dio
Advantech PCI-1753+PCI-1753E adv_pci_dio adv_pci_dio
Advantech PCI-1754 adv_pci_dio adv_pci_dio
Advantech PCI-1756 adv_pci_dio adv_pci_dio
Advantech PCI-1760 adv_pci_dio adv_pci_dio
Advantech PCI-1762 adv_pci_dio adv_pci_dio
Advantech PCL-711 pcl711 pcl711
Advantech PCL-711B pcl711 pcl711b
Advantech PCL-718 pcl818 pcl718
Advantech PCL-722 pcl724 pcl722
Advantech PCL-724 pcl724 pcl724
Advantech PCL-725 pcl725 pcl725
Advantech PCL-726 pcl726 pcl726
Advantech PCL-727 pcl726 pcl727
Advantech PCL-728 pcl726 pcl728
Advantech PCL-730 pcl730 pcl730
Advantech PCL-731 pcl724 pcl731
Advantech PCL-733 poc pcl733
Advantech PCL-734 poc pcl734
Advantech PCL-812 pcl812 pcl812
Advantech PCL-812PG pcl812 pcl812pg
Advantech PCL-813 pcl812 pcl813
Advantech PCL-813B pcl812 pcl813b
Advantech PCL-814B pcl816 pcl814b
Advantech PCL-816 pcl816 pcl816
Advantech PCL-818 pcl818 pcl818
Advantech PCL-818H pcl818 pcl818h
Advantech PCL-818HD pcl818 pcl818hd
Advantech PCL-818HG pcl818 pcl818hg
Advantech PCL-818L pcl818 pcl818l
Advantech PCM-3724 pcm3724 pcm724
Advantech PCM-3730 pcm3730 pcm3730
Amplicon PC212E amplc_dio200 pc212e
Amplicon PC214E amplc_dio200 pc214e
Amplicon PC215E amplc_dio200 pc215e
Amplicon PC218E amplc_dio200 pc218e
Amplicon PC263 amplc_pc263 pc263
Amplicon PC272E amplc_dio200 pc272e
Amplicon PC36AT amplc_pc236 pc36at
Amplicon PCI215 amplc_dio200 pci215 or amplc_dio200
Amplicon PCI224 amplc_pci224 amplc_pci224 or pci224
Amplicon PCI230 amplc_pci230 pci230 or amplc_pci230
Amplicon PCI230+ amplc_pci230 pci230+ or amplc_pci230
Amplicon PCI234 amplc_pci224 amplc_pci224 or pci234
Amplicon PCI236 amplc_pc236 pci236 or amplc_pc236
Amplicon PCI260 amplc_pci230 pci260 or amplc_pci230
Amplicon PCI260+ amplc_pci230 pci260+ or amplc_pci230
Amplicon PCI263 amplc_pc263 pci263 or amplc_pc263
Amplicon PCI272 amplc_dio200 pci272 or amplc_dio200
Amplicon PCIe215 amplc_dio200 pcie215 or amplc_dio200
Amplicon PCIe236 amplc_dio200 pcie236 or amplc_dio200
Amplicon PCIe296 amplc_dio200 pcie296 or amplc_dio200
Analog Devices RTI-800 rti800 rti800
Analog Devices RTI-802 rti802 rti802
Analog Devices RTI-815 rti800 rti815
ComputerBoards CIO-DAS1401/12 das16 cio-das1401/12
ComputerBoards CIO-DAS1402/12 das16 cio-das1402/12
ComputerBoards CIO-DAS1402/16 das16 cio-das1402/16
ComputerBoards CIO-DAS16/330 das16 cio-das16/330
ComputerBoards CIO-DAS16/JR das16 cio-das16/jr
ComputerBoards CIO-DAS1601/12 das16 cio-das1601/12
ComputerBoards CIO-DAS1602/12 das16 cio-das1602/12
ComputerBoards CIO-DAS1602/16 das16 cio-das1602/16
ComputerBoards CIO-DAS16JR/16 das16 cio-das16jr/16
ComputerBoards DAS08 das08 isa-das08
ComputerBoards DAS08-AOH das08 das08-aoh
ComputerBoards DAS08-AOL das08 das08-aol
ComputerBoards DAS08-AOM das08 das08-aom
ComputerBoards DAS08-PGH das08 das08-pgh
ComputerBoards DAS08-PGL das08 das08-pgl
ComputerBoards DAS08-PGM das08 das08-pgm
ComputerBoards DAS08/JR-16-AO das08 das08jr-16-ao
ComputerBoards DAS08/JR-AO das08 das08/jr-ao
ComputerBoards DAS08/JR/16 das08 das08jr/16
ComputerBoards PC-CARD DAS16/16 cb_das16_cs cb_das16_cs
ComputerBoards PC-CARD DAS16/16-AO cb_das16_cs cb_das16_cs
ComputerBoards PC104-DAS08 das08 pc104-das08
ComputerBoards PC104-DAS16/JR das16 pc104-das16jr
ComputerBoards PC104-DAS16JR/16 das16 pc104-das16jr/16
ComputerBoards PCI-DAC6702 cb_pcidac cb_pcidac
ComputerBoards PCI-DAC6703 cb_pcidac cb_pcidac
ComputerBoards PCI-DAS08 das08 das08
ComputerBoards PCIM-DAS1602/16 cb_pcimdas cb_pcimdas
ComputerBoards PCIe-DAS1602/16 cb_pcimdas cb_pcimdas
ComputerBoards PCM-DAS08 das08_cs pcm-das08
Contec ADI16-4(FIT)GY contec_fit contec_fit
Contec DAI12-4(FIT)GY contec_fit contec_fit
Contec DIO-8/8(FIT)GY contec_fit contec_fit
Contec PIO1616L contec_pci_dio contec_pci_dio
Data Translation DT01-EZ dt2801 dt2801
Data Translation DT21-EZ dt282x dt21-ez
Data Translation DT23-EZ dt282x dt23-ez
Data Translation DT24-EZ dt282x dt24-ez
Data Translation DT24-EZ-PGL dt282x dt24-ez-pgl
Data Translation DT2801 dt2801 dt2801
Data Translation DT2801-A dt2801 dt2801
Data Translation DT2801/5716A dt2801 dt2801
Data Translation DT2805 dt2801 dt2801
Data Translation DT2805/5716A dt2801 dt2801
Data Translation DT2808 dt2801 dt2801
Data Translation DT2809 dt2801 dt2801
Data Translation DT2811-PGH dt2811 dt2811-pgh
Data Translation DT2811-PGL dt2811 dt2811-pgl
Data Translation DT2814 dt2814 dt2814
Data Translation DT2815 dt2815 dt2815
Data Translation DT2817 dt2817 dt2817
Data Translation DT2818 dt2801 dt2801
Data Translation DT2821 dt282x dt2821
Data Translation DT2821-F-16SE dt282x dt2821-f
Data Translation DT2821-F-8DI dt282x dt2821-f
Data Translation DT2821-G-16SE dt282x dt2821-f
Data Translation DT2821-G-8DI dt282x dt2821-g
Data Translation DT2823 dt282x dt2823
Data Translation DT2824-PGH dt282x dt2824-pgh
Data Translation DT2824-PGL dt282x dt2824-pgl
Data Translation DT2825 dt282x dt2825
Data Translation DT2827 dt282x dt2827
Data Translation DT2828 dt282x dt2828
Data Translation DT3001 dt3000 dt3000
Data Translation DT3001-PGL dt3000 dt3000
Data Translation DT3002 dt3000 dt3000
Data Translation DT3003 dt3000 dt3000
Data Translation DT3003-PGL dt3000 dt3000
Data Translation DT3004 dt3000 dt3000
Data Translation DT3004-200 dt3000 dt3000
Data Translation DT3005 dt3000 dt3000
Data Translation DT9812 dt9812 dt9812
Fastwel UNIOxx-5 unioxx5 unioxx5
Fastwel UNIOxx-5 unioxx5 unioxx5
General Standards Corporation PCI-HPDI32 gsc_hpdi gsc_hpdi
General Standards Corporation PMC-HPDI32 gsc_hpdi gsc_hpdi
ICP A-821PGH pcl812 a821pgh
ICP A-821PGL pcl812 a821pgl
ICP A-821PGL-NDA pcl812 a821pclnda
ICP A-822PGH pcl812 a822pgh
ICP A-822PGL pcl812 a822pgl
ICP A-823PGH pcl812 a823pgh
ICP A-823PGL pcl812 a823pgl
ICP A-826PG pcl812 a826pg
ICP ISO-730 pcl730 iso730
ICP ISO-730 pcl730 iso730
ICP ISO-813 pcl812 iso813
ICP P16R16DIO acl7225b p16r16dio
IOTech DAQBoard/2000 daqboard2000 daqboard2000
ITL USB-DUX-D usbdux usbdux
ITL USB-DUX-FAST usbduxfast usbduxfast
ITL USB-DUX-SIGMA usbduxsigma usbduxsigma
Inova ICP_MULTI icp_multi icp_multi
Intelligent Instrumentation PCI-20001C ii_pci20kc ii_pci20kc
JR3 PCI force sensor board jr3_pci jr3_pci
Keithley Metrabyte DAC-02 poc dac02
Keithley Metrabyte DAS-1201 das16 das-1201
Keithley Metrabyte DAS-1202 das16 das-1202
Keithley Metrabyte DAS-1401 das16 das-1401
Keithley Metrabyte DAS-1402 das16 das-1402
Keithley Metrabyte DAS-16 das16 das-16
Keithley Metrabyte DAS-1601 das16 das-1601
Keithley Metrabyte DAS-1602 das16 das-1602
Keithley Metrabyte DAS-16F das16 das-16f
Keithley Metrabyte DAS-16G das16 das-16g
Keithley Metrabyte DAS-1701/AO das1800 das-1701ao
Keithley Metrabyte DAS-1701ST das1800 das-1701st
Keithley Metrabyte DAS-1701ST-DA das1800 das-1701st-da
Keithley Metrabyte DAS-1702/AO das1800 das-1702ao
Keithley Metrabyte DAS-1702HR das1800 das-1702hr
Keithley Metrabyte DAS-1702HR-DA das1800 das-1702hr-da
Keithley Metrabyte DAS-1702ST das1800 das-1702st
Keithley Metrabyte DAS-1702ST-DA das1800 das-1702st-da
Keithley Metrabyte DAS-1801AO das1800 das-1801ao
Keithley Metrabyte DAS-1801HC das1800 das-1801hc
Keithley Metrabyte DAS-1801ST das1800 das-1801st
Keithley Metrabyte DAS-1801ST-DA das1800 das-1801st-da
Keithley Metrabyte DAS-1802AO das1800 das-1802ao
Keithley Metrabyte DAS-1802HC das1800 das-1802hc
Keithley Metrabyte DAS-1802HR das1800 das-1802hr
Keithley Metrabyte DAS-1802HR-DA das1800 das-1802hr-da
Keithley Metrabyte DAS-1802ST das1800 das-1802st
Keithley Metrabyte DAS-1802ST-DA das1800 das-1802st-da
Keithley Metrabyte DAS-800 das800 das-800
Keithley Metrabyte DAS-801 das800 das-801
Keithley Metrabyte DAS-802 das800 das-802
Keithley Metrabyte DAS08 das08 isa-das08
Keithley Metrabyte DAS6402 das6402 das6402
Kolter Electronic PCI Counter Card ke_counter ke_counter
Measurement Computing CIO-DAS16/M1 das16m1 cio-das16/m1
Measurement Computing CIO-DAS800 das800 cio-das800
Measurement Computing CIO-DAS801 das800 cio-das801
Measurement Computing CIO-DAS802 das800 cio-das802
Measurement Computing CIO-DAS802/16 das800 cio-das802/16
Measurement Computing PCI-DAS1000 cb_pcidas cb_pcidas
Measurement Computing PCI-DAS1001 cb_pcidas cb_pcidas
Measurement Computing PCI-DAS1200 cb_pcidas cb_pcidas
Measurement Computing PCI-DAS1200jr cb_pcidas cb_pcidas
Measurement Computing PCI-DAS1602/12 cb_pcidas cb_pcidas
Measurement Computing PCI-DAS1602/16 cb_pcidas cb_pcidas
Measurement Computing PCI-DAS1602/16jr cb_pcidas cb_pcidas
Measurement Computing PCI-DAS4020/12 cb_pcidas64 cb_pcidas64
Measurement Computing PCI-DAS6013 cb_pcidas64 cb_pcidas64
Measurement Computing PCI-DAS6014 cb_pcidas64 cb_pcidas64
Measurement Computing PCI-DAS6023 cb_pcidas64 cb_pcidas64
Measurement Computing PCI-DAS6025 cb_pcidas64 cb_pcidas64
Measurement Computing PCI-DAS6030 cb_pcidas64 cb_pcidas64
Measurement Computing PCI-DAS6031 cb_pcidas64 cb_pcidas64
Measurement Computing PCI-DAS6032 cb_pcidas64 cb_pcidas64
Measurement Computing PCI-DAS6033 cb_pcidas64 cb_pcidas64
Measurement Computing PCI-DAS6034 cb_pcidas64 cb_pcidas64
Measurement Computing PCI-DAS6035 cb_pcidas64 cb_pcidas64
Measurement Computing PCI-DAS6036 cb_pcidas64 cb_pcidas64
Measurement Computing PCI-DAS6040 cb_pcidas64 cb_pcidas64
Measurement Computing PCI-DAS6052 cb_pcidas64 cb_pcidas64
Measurement Computing PCI-DAS6070 cb_pcidas64 cb_pcidas64
Measurement Computing PCI-DAS6071 cb_pcidas64 cb_pcidas64
Measurement Computing PCI-DAS64/M1/14 cb_pcidas64 cb_pcidas64
Measurement Computing PCI-DAS64/M1/16 cb_pcidas64 cb_pcidas64
Measurement Computing PCI-DAS64/M1/16/JR cb_pcidas64 cb_pcidas64
Measurement Computing PCI-DAS64/M2/14 cb_pcidas64 cb_pcidas64
Measurement Computing PCI-DAS64/M2/16 cb_pcidas64 cb_pcidas64
Measurement Computing PCI-DAS64/M2/16/JR cb_pcidas64 cb_pcidas64
Measurement Computing PCI-DAS64/M3/14 cb_pcidas64 cb_pcidas64
Measurement Computing PCI-DAS64/M3/16 cb_pcidas64 cb_pcidas64
Measurement Computing PCI-DAS64/M3/16/JR cb_pcidas64 cb_pcidas64
Measurement Computing PCI-DAS6402/12 cb_pcidas64 cb_pcidas64
Measurement Computing PCI-DAS6402/16 cb_pcidas64 cb_pcidas64
Measurement Computing PCI-DAS6402/16/JR cb_pcidas64 cb_pcidas64
Measurement Computing PCI-DDA02/12 cb_pcidda cb_pcidda
Measurement Computing PCI-DDA02/16 cb_pcidda cb_pcidda
Measurement Computing PCI-DDA04/12 cb_pcidda cb_pcidda
Measurement Computing PCI-DDA04/16 cb_pcidda cb_pcidda
Measurement Computing PCI-DDA08/12 cb_pcidda cb_pcidda
Measurement Computing PCI-DDA08/16 cb_pcidda cb_pcidda
Measurement Computing PCI-DIO24 cb_pcidio cb_pcidio
Measurement Computing PCI-DIO24H cb_pcidio cb_pcidio
Measurement Computing PCI-DIO48H cb_pcidio cb_pcidio
Measurement Computing PCIM-DDA06-16 cb_pcimdda cb_pcimdda
Measurement Computing PCI_DAS1002 cb_pcidas cb_pcidas
Mechatronic Systems Inc. C6x_DIGIO DSP daughter card c6xdigio c6xdigio
Meilhaus ME-2000i me_daq me_daq
Meilhaus ME-2600i me_daq me_daq
Meilhaus ME-4650 me4000 me4000
Meilhaus ME-4670i me4000 me4000
Meilhaus ME-4680 me4000 me4000
Meilhaus ME-4680i me4000 me4000
Meilhaus ME-4680is me4000 me4000
Micro/sys MPC-624 mpc624 mpc624
MicroAxial ADQ12-B adq12b adq12b
Motorola MPC8260 CPM mpc8260cpm mpc8260cpm
National Instruments AT-2150S ni_at_a2150 at_a2150s
National Instruments AT-A2150C ni_at_a2150 at_a2150c
National Instruments AT-AI-16XE-10 ni_atmio ni_atmio
National Instruments AT-AO-10 ni_at_ao at-ao-10
National Instruments AT-AO-6 ni_at_ao at-ao-6
National Instruments AT-MIO-16 ni_atmio16d atmio16
National Instruments AT-MIO-16D ni_atmio16d atmio16d
National Instruments AT-MIO-16DE-10 ni_atmio ni_atmio
National Instruments AT-MIO-16E-1 ni_atmio ni_atmio
National Instruments AT-MIO-16E-10 ni_atmio ni_atmio
National Instruments AT-MIO-16E-2 ni_atmio ni_atmio
National Instruments AT-MIO-16XE-10 ni_atmio ni_atmio
National Instruments AT-MIO-16XE-50 ni_atmio ni_atmio
National Instruments AT-MIO-64E-3 ni_atmio ni_atmio
National Instruments DAQCard-1200 ni_labpc_cs daqcard-1200
National Instruments DAQCard-6024E ni_mio_cs ni_mio_cs
National Instruments DAQCard-6036E ni_mio_cs ni_mio_cs
National Instruments DAQCard-6062E ni_mio_cs ni_mio_cs
National Instruments DAQCard-AI-16E-4 ni_mio_cs ni_mio_cs
National Instruments DAQCard-AI-16XE-50 ni_mio_cs ni_mio_cs
National Instruments Lab-PC+ ni_labpc lab-pc+
National Instruments Lab-PC-1200 ni_labpc labpc-1200
National Instruments Lab-PC-1200AI ni_labpc labpc-1200ai
National Instruments PCI-1200 ni_labpc ni_labpc
National Instruments PCI-6014 ni_pcimio ni_pcimio
National Instruments PCI-6023E ni_pcimio ni_pcimio
National Instruments PCI-6024E ni_pcimio ni_pcimio
National Instruments PCI-6025E ni_pcimio ni_pcimio
National Instruments PCI-6030E ni_pcimio ni_pcimio
National Instruments PCI-6031E ni_pcimio ni_pcimio
National Instruments PCI-6032E ni_pcimio ni_pcimio
National Instruments PCI-6033E ni_pcimio ni_pcimio
National Instruments PCI-6034E ni_pcimio ni_pcimio
National Instruments PCI-6035E ni_pcimio ni_pcimio
National Instruments PCI-6036E ni_pcimio ni_pcimio
National Instruments PCI-6040E ni_pcimio ni_pcimio
National Instruments PCI-6052E ni_pcimio ni_pcimio
National Instruments PCI-6070E ni_pcimio ni_pcimio
National Instruments PCI-6071E ni_pcimio ni_pcimio
National Instruments PCI-6110 ni_pcimio ni_pcimio
National Instruments PCI-6111 ni_pcimio ni_pcimio
National Instruments PCI-6143 ni_pcimio ni_pcimio
National Instruments PCI-6220 ni_pcimio ni_pcimio
National Instruments PCI-6221 ni_pcimio ni_pcimio
National Instruments PCI-6224 ni_pcimio ni_pcimio
National Instruments PCI-6225 ni_pcimio ni_pcimio
National Instruments PCI-6229 ni_pcimio ni_pcimio
National Instruments PCI-6250 ni_pcimio ni_pcimio
National Instruments PCI-6251 ni_pcimio ni_pcimio
National Instruments PCI-6254 ni_pcimio ni_pcimio
National Instruments PCI-6259 ni_pcimio ni_pcimio
National Instruments PCI-6280 ni_pcimio ni_pcimio
National Instruments PCI-6281 ni_pcimio ni_pcimio
National Instruments PCI-6284 ni_pcimio ni_pcimio
National Instruments PCI-6289 ni_pcimio ni_pcimio
National Instruments PCI-6503 ni_pcidio ni_pcidio
National Instruments PCI-6503B ni_pcidio ni_pcidio
National Instruments PCI-6503X ni_pcidio ni_pcidio
National Instruments PCI-6509 ni_65xx ni_65xx
National Instruments PCI-6510 ni_65xx ni_65xx
National Instruments PCI-6511 ni_65xx ni_65xx
National Instruments PCI-6512 ni_65xx ni_65xx
National Instruments PCI-6513 ni_65xx ni_65xx
National Instruments PCI-6514 ni_65xx ni_65xx
National Instruments PCI-6515 ni_65xx ni_65xx
National Instruments PCI-6516 ni_65xx ni_65xx
National Instruments PCI-6517 ni_65xx ni_65xx
National Instruments PCI-6518 ni_65xx ni_65xx
National Instruments PCI-6519 ni_65xx ni_65xx
National Instruments PCI-6520 ni_65xx ni_65xx
National Instruments PCI-6521 ni_65xx ni_65xx
National Instruments PCI-6527 ni_6527 ni6527
National Instruments PCI-6528 ni_65xx ni_65xx
National Instruments PCI-6533 ni_pcidio ni_pcidio
National Instruments PCI-6534 ni_pcidio ni_pcidio
National Instruments PCI-6703 ni_670x ni_670x
National Instruments PCI-6704 ni_670x ni_670x
National Instruments PCI-6711 ni_pcimio ni_pcimio
National Instruments PCI-6713 ni_pcimio ni_pcimio
National Instruments PCI-6731 ni_pcimio ni_pcimio
National Instruments PCI-6733 ni_pcimio ni_pcimio
National Instruments PCI-DIO-32HS ni_pcidio ni_pcidio
National Instruments PCI-DIO-96 ni_pcidio ni_pcidio
National Instruments PCI-DIO-96B ni_pcidio ni_pcidio
National Instruments PCI-MIO-16E-1 ni_pcimio ni_pcimio
National Instruments PCI-MIO-16E-4 ni_pcimio ni_pcimio
National Instruments PCI-MIO-16XE-10 ni_pcimio ni_pcimio
National Instruments PCI-MIO-16XE-50 ni_pcimio ni_pcimio
National Instruments PCIe-6251 ni_pcimio ni_pcimio
National Instruments PCIe-6259 ni_pcimio ni_pcimio
National Instruments PCMCIA DAQ-Card DIO-24 ni_daq_dio24 ni_daq_dio24
National Instruments PCMCIA DAQ-Card-700 ni_daq_700 ni_daq_700
National Instruments PXI-6025E ni_pcimio ni_pcimio
National Instruments PXI-6030E ni_pcimio ni_pcimio
National Instruments PXI-6040E ni_pcimio ni_pcimio
National Instruments PXI-6052E ni_pcimio ni_pcimio
National Instruments PXI-6070E ni_pcimio ni_pcimio
National Instruments PXI-6071E ni_pcimio ni_pcimio
National Instruments PXI-6143 ni_pcimio ni_pcimio
National Instruments PXI-6220 ni_pcimio ni_pcimio
National Instruments PXI-6221 ni_pcimio ni_pcimio
National Instruments PXI-6224 ni_pcimio ni_pcimio
National Instruments PXI-6225 ni_pcimio ni_pcimio
National Instruments PXI-6250 ni_pcimio ni_pcimio
National Instruments PXI-6251 ni_pcimio ni_pcimio
National Instruments PXI-6254 ni_pcimio ni_pcimio
National Instruments PXI-6259 ni_pcimio ni_pcimio
National Instruments PXI-6280 ni_pcimio ni_pcimio
National Instruments PXI-6281 ni_pcimio ni_pcimio
National Instruments PXI-6284 ni_pcimio ni_pcimio
National Instruments PXI-6289 ni_pcimio ni_pcimio
National Instruments PXI-6503 ni_pcidio ni_pcidio
National Instruments PXI-6508 ni_pcidio ni_pcidio
National Instruments PXI-6509 ni_65xx ni_65xx
National Instruments PXI-6511 ni_65xx ni_65xx
National Instruments PXI-6512 ni_65xx ni_65xx
National Instruments PXI-6513 ni_65xx ni_65xx
National Instruments PXI-6514 ni_65xx ni_65xx
National Instruments PXI-6515 ni_65xx ni_65xx
National Instruments PXI-6521 ni_65xx ni_65xx
National Instruments PXI-6527 ni_6527 ni6527
National Instruments PXI-6528 ni_65xx ni_65xx
National Instruments PXI-6533 ni_pcidio ni_pcidio
National Instruments PXI-6711 ni_pcimio ni_pcimio
National Instruments PXI-6713 ni_pcimio ni_pcimio
National Instruments PXI-6733 ni_pcimio ni_pcimio
National Instruments PXIe-6251 ni_pcimio ni_pcimio
National Instruments PXIe-6259 ni_pcimio ni_pcimio
Quanser Consulting MultiQ-3 multiq3 multiq3
Quatech DAQP-208 quatech_daqp_cs daqp
Quatech DAQP-308 quatech_daqp_cs daqp
Real Time Devices DM7520HR-1 rtd520 rtd520
Real Time Devices DM7520HR-8 rtd520 rtd520
Real Time Devices PCI4520 rtd520 rtd520
Real Time Devices PCI4520-8 rtd520 rtd520
SSV Embedded Systems DIL/Net-PC 1486 ssv_dnp dnp-1486
Sensoray 526 s526 s526
Sensoray 626 s626 s626
Winsystems PCM-A/D12 pcmad pcmad12
Winsystems PCM-A/D16 pcmad pcmad16
Winsystems PCM-D/A-12 pcmda12 pcmda12
Winsystems PCM-MIO pcmmio pcmmio
Winsystems PCM-UIO48A pcmuio pcmuio48
Winsystems PCM-UIO96A pcmuio pcmuio96
standard 8255 8255 8255
standard parallel port comedi_parport comedi_parport
unknown FL512 fl512 fl512