Class method_request_base

poet::method_request_base — Base class for method requests.


class method_request_base {
  // construct/copy/destruct
  virtual ~method_request_base();

  // public member functions
  virtual void run() ;
  virtual future<void> scheduling_guard() const;


method_request_base is the base class for the asynchronous method requests which are queued in activation queues derived from activation_queue_base, and executed by schedulers derived from scheduler_base.

If you are building active objects using active_functions, it should not be necessary to use this class directly, as the definition and creation of method requests are handled internally by active_function.

method_request_base public construct/copy/destruct

  1. method_request_base();
  2. virtual ~method_request_base();

method_request_base public member functions

  1. virtual void run() ;

    run() is called by schedulers to execute the method request. It will not be called by the scheduler until the future returned by scheduling_guard becomes ready or gets an exception.

  2. virtual future<void> scheduling_guard() const;

    This function should return a future which becomes ready (or gets an exception) when the method request is ready to be run.