Struct vertex_properties

poet::mutex_grapher::vertex_properties — Bundled vertex properties for locking_order_graph.


// Bundled vertex properties for locking_order_graph.
struct vertex_properties {
  std::string name;


Each vertex in the locking_order_graph of the mutex_grapher class has an object of this class associated with it as its bundled property. For a vertex which represents a group of acyclic_mutexes which share an equivalent key, then the name member is initialized by passing the key though the formatted output operator operator<<(). If the vertex represents a single key-less acyclic_mutex, then name is initialized to the string "mutex" followed by a decimal number obtained by passing the vertex's descriptor through operator<<().

The name member is used by mutex_grapher::write_graphviz to label the vertexes in the graphviz output.