comedi_disconnect_route — disconnect device-global route


#include <comedilib.h>
int comedi_disconnect_route(comedi_t * device,
 unsigned int source,
 unsigned int destination);




This function disconnects a globally-named route if such is connected. This operation is effectively the same as calling comedi_set_routing and comedi_dio_config on the appropriate subdevice. There are several routes that are not globally dis-connectable via comedi_connect_route, such as (NI_PFI(i) --> NI_AO_SampleClock) as they must be connected via a trigger argument, such as comedi_cmd->start_arg for NI_AO_StartTrigger.

The source parameter specifies the source of the signal route, whereas the destination parameter specifies the destination. Possible values for source and destination are driver dependent but are generally required to be values that are recognizable globally for a particular device, independent of sub-device.

Return value

0 on success, -1 on error.