comedi_get_clock_source — get master clock for a subdevice


#include <comedilib.h>
int comedi_get_clock_source(comedi_t * device,
 unsigned int subdevice,
 unsigned int channel,
 unsigned int * clock,
 unsigned int * period_ns);




This function queries the master clock for a subdevice, as set by comedi_set_clock_source. The currently configured master clock will be written to *clock. The possible values and their corresponding clocks are driver-dependant. The period of the clock in nanoseconds (or zero if it is unknown) will be written to *period_ns. If the subdevice does not support configuring its master clocks on a per-channel basis, then the channel parameter will be ignored.

It is safe to pass NULL pointers as the clock or period_ns parameters. This function is only useable on subdevices that provide support for the INSN_CONFIG_GET_CLOCK_SRC configuration instruction.

Return value

0 on success, -1 on error.